Finding Your Dream Home

Where Do You Want To Live?

The Road Home Starts Here

What you need to know when buying a home


Make sure your finances are in order. Know your credit score. Know how much you can afford.

Do not do any of the following...  

Quit or change jobs.

Make a large purchase on credit.

Co-sign a loan for anyone.

Increase credit card debt. 

Borrow money from family with out approval from your loan officer

Getting a Mortgage

Talk to a mortgage broker. They will let you know what you can afford, your interest rate, down payment, and other options.

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Finding Your Home

We will provide you with information detailing current market conditions

We will guide you through the home purchase process, including getting financing and what information you’ll need to provide

We will find great homes to consider

We will show you homes when it's most convenient for you

We will negotiate the best price

We will win multiple offer scenarios

We will cost you nothing

Follow through to closing

After you are under contract, we will

Arrange for a general inspection

Arrange for a WDO inspection

Negotiate and verify repairs if needed 

Perform a final walk-through

Schedule the closing

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