Is It Time To Sell Your Home!

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You love your home, but sometimes you have to let it go. Whether it’s a new job, wanting to down-size, or you need more space for your family, when you realize that you need to sell your home, it might seem overwhelming at first. 

How much work do I need to do to get it ready? 

How much will it cost me? 

How long will it take?

Don’t let these worries and concerns hold you back. It’s our job to not only make sure you’re fully prepared before your home hits the market, but to also walk with you through every step of the process – to anticipate your concerns and questions, and to take as much of the stress away as possible so you can focus on your move, your next home, the next phase of your life. Questions You May Have: 

What’s my home worth?
 Your homes value is determined by the selling price of similar homes in the same area or community. There are online sites that will give you a quick estimate, but they can't replicate an actual walk through by a qualified real estate agent. Before seeing your house, we will have the data of all the comparable home sales in your area and determine the value based on the condition of your home, upgrades, etc.

    Watch Out! Many agents will try to "Buy the Listing" by telling you your home is worth more than it is, then lowering the price when you are locked into the contract with them. 
How much will it cost to sell my home?

You will receive a complete estimate of all the legal costs associated with selling your home (attorney fees, title fees, taxes, commissions, etc.) during our initial meeting. Costs can vary with the size of the home and other factors. It's very important htat you get this information before signing a listing contract.

    Watch Out! Most companies charge junk fees (transaction fees or other fees) that can range from $300 to $800 dollars 

What do I need to do to get it ready for the market?
Our job isn't really to sell your house. Our job is to get someone to want to buy your house! This is accomplished by staging your home prior to going on the market. This will usually include cleaning, decluttering, and adding or removing furniture. It may also entail some repairs ranging from minor items like paint to major items like electrical, roofing, etc. 
What about the home inspection?

After an offer is made on your house, the buyer will conduct an inspection within 10 days. Items of concern will be presented by the buyer in a reapir request. Although you are not obligated to do any repairs, you may not be able to sell your house (except at a steep discount) unless they are fixed. We will attend the inspection, negotiate repairs with the buyers agent, and co-ordinate getting the repairs completed. 

How will you market my home?

This is very important. Ask any agent you interview for examples of previous homes they have sold. Look up those homes on or Pay close attention to the description of the property. Does it make you want to see it? Pay very close attention to the photos of the property. Does the house look clean and bright? Is it well photographed? 90% of buyers see the home online first. If the house doesn't look good online you will have fewer people considering your house. If the pictures don't look great, you should consider a differnet agent. 

Should I rent my home out instead?

In some cases you should consider renting. For more information, please see our section on Property management 

Please feel free to call us anytime at (904) 509-4381 to discuss your unique concerns and situation. Or email us – we’ll respond quickly.