Should You Rent Your Home Rather than Sell??

It May Be Your Best Option

Often, it makes sense to rent your home rather than sell it. With todays low rates, cash flow from the rental will exceed all costs of renting you home. Our main goal is to find good tenants who will take care of the property and pay rent on time.

At Coastal Homes Realty, We handle all aspects of the leasing process, signing of the agreement, inspections, rent collection, and evictions if necessary.

Services Provided for Owners

Accounting – Detailed financial reporting on a monthly basis.

Maintenance – We will handle all service calls from tenants. 

Tenant Screening – All potential tenants are screened for criminal, credit, income, housing and other references. We will ensure only the most qualified tenant is chosen.

Collection of Rent – Rent will be collected by Coastal Homes Realty and dispursed to owners monthly.

Marketing – Rentals are professionally photographed, placed on the MLS and all real estate web sites along with virtual tours of each rental. 

Please feel free to call us anytime at (904) 509-4381 to discuss your unique concerns and situation. Or email us – we’ll respond quickly.